ORO Visual Music Education

Curriculum Overview 

Grouped in thematic units, ORO class sessions build a foundation of music fundamentals, from sound waves to symphonies. Each session includes activities, lessons, extras for more/less experienced students, and ORO Visual Music app content that fuels individual and group music making. 


Unit One: Found Sound

Session 1: Science of Sound

Session 2: How We Hear

Session 3: What Do We Hear?

Session 4: Is it Noise or Is it Music?


Unit Two: Instruments - Meet the Family

Session 1: The Orchestra, and Other Bands

Session 2: Percussion: Shaken and Struck

Session 3: Winds: Breathing and Buzzing

Session 4: Strings: Bowed, Strummed, and Plucked


Unit Three: Rhythm Counts

Session 1: Beat and Rhythms

Session 2: Up and Down

Session 3: Common Time

Session 4: To Loop or Not to Loop


Unit Four: Pitch to Melody

Session 1: Pitch Perfect

Session 2: Intervals and Tunes

Session 3: Notation and Numbers

Session 4: Melody- Lines and Hooks


Unit Five: Pieces and Songs

Session 1: Chords and Harmony

Session 2: Name That Tune

Session 3: What’s My Song?

Session 4: Music to Picture


Unit Six: Impressionism - Painting and Feeling

Session 1: Pointillism

Session 2: Blending

Session 3: Winds and Lines

Session 4: Figures and Textures


Unit Seven: Jazz, Blues, and Beyond

Session 1: Syncopation and Swing

Session 2: Blues, Charts, and Numbers

Session 3: Scales and Solos - Improvise!

Session 4: Rock and Pop