Creative. Musical. Learning.

Empower your students to find their own creative voice with LTM Visual Music Education

ORO is easy to play—so students love to dive in and start making music!

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Studies show making music has many benefits:

+ brain development and neuroplasticity

+ collaboration and communication skills

+ problem solving and design thinking

+ well being, mindfulness, and confidence

+ math scores, and more...

This music program is effective, efficient, and fun to teach!

ORO gives schools and teachers a powerful new tool to help more students make music

Effective - Easy and fun for teachers and students--even on a few iPads... and even for non-musicians!

Efficient - fits school budgets, and simple for teachers to use

Engaging - especially in 3rd - 8th grade, when students discover their own music and art preferences

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"My students have really enjoyed using the ORO Visual Music program to create their own songs. The app is easy to navigate and use, and provides engaging sounds and visuals. The students have been very excited to show me the music they created!" - Jody E. Liesfeld, M.Ed. Program Supervisor, The Faison Center

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ORO Visual Music Education

Creative. Musical. Learning.