Game On!


I remember bunches of us kids playing in the street in a 1980’s suburb lit by late afternoon sun.

“CARRRR!!!” The call would echo through our ranks as some neighbor got home from work. When the interruption passed, and everyone got back in their places, the follow up would come: “Game ON!!!”

Here at Light the Music, it took us a hot minute or two, but we are finally ready to call it.

Game ON.

Green Light, GO. We are putting the Start in startup, as we send our ORO iOS beta app out into the world for testing, and we are incredibly stoked! Hopefully this is just one small step in the middle of a long journey of bringing music, art, creativity, and learning to a lot of people, but still, it feels pretty big!

Last night, I typed the following message into Apple’s TestFlight platform, wanting to get it right, but too excited to agonize over the words:  “Welcome to our ORO App Beta release! As we look forward to next month’s launch in the App Store, we are looking to test playability, features, instruments, and sharing. Please send your feedback to regarding any issues or problems that you encounter. Thanks, create, and enjoy!”

We hope you join us on this journey. We hope you test the app out and give us some feedback, because ONLY with your help can we keep learning and improving the features and content sets. If you like ORO, we hope you share it with your kids, or a few friends. But above all, we hope you find a few relaxing moments of creativity as you play, sitting in some late afternoon sun...

Thanks, sign up, and enjoy!

Steve, CEO

Craig Honeycutt