ORO In Motion

Sometimes you have to step back from the daily grind and take stock.  Progress and success aren’t always apparent in the forms we imagine them.  As we garden, we imagine the perfect tomato, a prolific basil plant, a pantry lined with colorful canning jars. But the real success is growth and lasting growth is slow, iterative, incremental.

Today, at Light The Music, we’re working on planned phases of development, but we’re also working on discovery.  As an innovator, you often feel like you’re fumbling in the dark, and if someone were to turn on the lights you would be discovered.  Hey, what are you doing in here, you meddling kids?!!?

It’s such a childlike thing: imagining something that doesn’t exist, then have the audacity to give it life, to make it so.  Sometimes as kids, we’re afraid our makeshift enterprise will be discovered, diminished or dismissed as folly by the adults in the next room. Other times we rush them into the light, because what else is there to do?

The discovery energizes us.  The minute progress keeps us going.  Today we’re working with enterprising musicians, creating new ways for them to interact with their fans, by giving their fans a new way to experience the music they love.  We’re talking to parents with kids on the Autism spectrum who have discovered ORO as a means of creation and connection and play.

And the growth is already well beyond our spare room studios and home offices.  We have a burgeoning relationship with the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, one that could shape the way we nurture ORO as a music therapy tool.  We’re heeding the advice of some of the highest minds in today’s music industry, Silicon Valley influencers and tastemakers, and all of these relationships are evidence of progress.  The journey in motion.  And for that, we’re so very grateful.

More soon from along the way.... 

Craig Honeycutt