An Introduction to Light the Music

Hello, and Happy Summer 2015 to you. We have been meaning to start our blog for some time now, but it seems that herding cats in a start-up sometimes doesn’t allow the bandwidth for fun things like writing about the herding of those cats per se.

Light the Music is a small start-up based in Richmond, VA with a few satellite team members (like yours truly) who live near near the ocean in North Carolina and also in the Queen City of Charlotte. We have been working on our Visual Music App for iOS devices for about 18 months as a team and our CEO, Steve Van Dam, has been working on this idea a lot longer (many years of incubation!).  Steve and I have been working together as musical production partners for over 25 years, having cut our teeth together traveling in the band “everything” for well over a decade. We were blessed to travel the world and have a hit song, with a whole TON of crazy experiences. It was during this time Steve hatched the idea for a Visual Music App-based experience (but I will let him tell you about that down the road). Needless to say, our journey as musicians has led us firmly into using and abusing technology for creation purposes.  With our Designer and Developer, Dylan Wreggelsworth, we have embarked on the journey of trying to create a fun, deep and intuitive Visual Music app that will hopefully bring some joy into the world.  

Admittedly, it is difficult to write the “first blog” of what will probably be many, so I am happy to keep this one short.  Stay tuned for more…

More later,

Craig, COO and other things.

Craig Honeycutt