(e:)Everything- Then vs Now


I’ll admit it’s a bit uncomfortable to look back at the wild and crazy days of our band EVERYTHING, like this show I just discovered from 1995 at Trax in Charlottesville. But 20 years later, we can laugh and say, wow what were we thinking!!??

Yes, 2 whole decades(!) later, we’re still creating, sharing music, and using technology, but things have shifted a bit… Or as our friends in the band Egypt sang it, “the more things change, the more they stay the same…” 

Take visual music technology:

THEN: In 1995 - our “Cyberdelic” concert at JMU’s Wilson Hall was the world’s first ever live internet interactive show, featuring a guy named Bill in upstate New York. (I think we boasted up/down speeds in the low Kbps…) Terry Harrison worked his visual magic to our music, with oils and movie clips, playing live along to the jams, and all of this was filmed and uploaded in real time.

NOW:  This year we are set to launch a revolutionary visual music creation app called ORO, where anyone can play, create and share their own jams. We’ve fused sounds with intuitive visuals and set them onto a looping canvas, so now the stage is your touchscreen. 

How about Hooch?

THEN: In the late 90′s, our wild and experimental band was blessed with an unexpected hit song, and we followed its comet arc across half the globe, playing for hundreds of thousands of people, and sharing stages with chart toppers like Hootie, DMB, NSYNC, and Coolio. The song “Hooch” became its own phenomenon, charting on the radio for over two years, and appearing in ‘The Waterboy’, and a slew of TV shows.

NOW: Our startup company Light the Music has chopped up the bits of our song into the ORO HOOCH app, creating something like a pop culture lego set. Whatever ‘re’ word you use (reinvent, remix, re-contextualize), it’s a fresh way to interact with visuals and sounds, and hopefully ORO is a creative doorway for anyone who wants to experience music in a new and engaging way.

Back then, people always wanted to know the definition of “Hooch” and we would respond - “It’s whatever the ‘only sweetest thing in the world’ is to you.” Right now, Hooch is the continuation of a 20+ year wild ride–through creativity, experimentation, technology and pop music.

If you’d like to continue the ride with us, please sign up:  www.lightthemusic.com

-Steve, CEO