I’m sitting at my daughter’s rehearsal with the Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra. As a dad, one of my favorite things in the world is to see my child engage–to choose a path, and then to fearlessly dig in, even when it’s difficult, (like on a cold rainy night after a long day at school). As a musician, I am particularly inspired to watch seventy like-minded students striving together to make their orchestra sing with one ethereal voice. I know quite well that it takes courage to draw one’s bow across the strings, to dig in and push a note out into the world, with no guarantees on how it will sound, or how it will be received. Yet here she is, here they all are, doing just that, over and over again.

I also know why they are here–that the flow of the music is magical and intoxicating. They are involved in the particular alchemy it takes to create sounds that become melodies and rhythms, coming from nothing to dance up into the air, twisting and turning with each player’s breath. It is work, but it is good, soul-satisfying work. You can look at the face of any musician while they’re in the flow and see that ember of passion glowing.

In that moment, there is a connection that happens–perhaps with other musicians, or the Muse, or something profoundly deep. I don’t have a good name for it, but I have spent the best times of my life right there. And it doesn’t have to be on a stage or framed for posterity–there is something calming and euphoric in simple acts of art, whether humming a melody, or dancing an expressive arc across a lamplit street… or even perhaps spending five minutes in an app.

We’ve built our ORO app so anyone can engage in this creative flow, this alchemy. Musicians, non-musicians, little kids, grandparents… anyone. As you start to play with the sounds and graphics, (what we call ‘visual music’), your analytical mind takes a back seat to the freedom-loving artistic side. We’ve seen it over and over in testing, and if you try our app, we hope you’ll also find it to be true. Soon after you begin, you’ll break into a big beaming smile:  Ohhhh, I get this! You might start to think ‘what if?’ instead of ‘what am I doing?’ and away you’ll go, playing a dance of shapes and sounds, engaged in the flow. 

We hope to inspire you to dig in–to your passion, to your creativity. Because we believe that when you do, you’ll be connected to something outside of yourself, something that not only feels really good, but IS really good.

The ORO app is coming out very soon–please sign up here so we can let you know when!

Steve, CEO