Why Light the Music in Richmond

As I was walking up to our latest Light the Music marketing meeting, I walked past the GRTC Street Art murals glowing in the golden hour, and voila, this blog post was born. People, (investors, for instance), have sometimes asked, “Why don’t you move to one of the tech hubs, like San Fran, Austin…” Well, here’s our answer:

Culture - RVA has an amazing concentration of artists and creative thinkers, (and perhaps as a result, more tattoos than almost any other city.) Every year, more and more buildings are adorned with world class art. VCU has long been a powerful engine of counter culture art, and fresh/freak fashion, and then there’s all the eclectic and fiercely creative music, (for starters, see GWAR, D’Angelo, Avers, or The Alter Natives). From our days in the band Everything to today, we have collaborated with, and are challenged and inspired by this spirit of creativity.

Craft - Our fair city on the James has been duly recognized for its tasty craft beverages and savory farm to table food. But that same individualistic creativity and attention to detail has birthed far too many things to link here, from apparel to apps to advertising, (and that’s just the A’s…!) We are proud to throw our hat into this ring with the custom designed visual music apps called ORO- each one will represent the individual care (aka sweat and blood), of musicians, designers, coders, and artists.

Support - I don’t know what happens in other cities, but I DO know that Richmond has always delivered anything that we’ve asked- from ideation, to lean startup strategy, to business tools and financing, to networking and events, to encouragement and interest, we have been well taken care of. While there are way too many people and organizations to give a shout to, I’d like to just express our deep gratitude to anyone who has helped us move forward- there are a ton of you, and we couldn’t be doing this without you. We hope to make you proud!

So that’s why we’re proud to say “RVA All Day!”, and we hope to continue to grow into a cool piece of the creative culture in this vibrant city that we call home.

-Steve, CEO, among other things