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 -- O R O   S E T S --


ORO Visual Music Education

Unit 1: The Science of Sound

From waves of vibrating particles, all the way into our ears and brains, we explore the physical qualities of sound, and how we hear it. 

ORO "Color"

A mellow ORO (for therapeutic purposes), ORO Color's simple rectangles lead to a plethora of plaid playtime! We also added some notes to the scales for a wider range of madras melodies.

Watch ORO "Color" demo


ORO "Game"

Oro game.png

Here's an ORO game--a cross between Connect Four and Simon...

To Play: Player takes a turn and listens/watches it play. Next player takes a turn and so on...

Winner - First player to notice 4 in a row-- a sequence (all 4 colors), or suit (4 of a kind) on 4 consecutive beats


ORO "Impressions"

Oro Impressions.jpeg

We created this set to work with ORO Education "Impressionism: Lesson 4" and we love to just mosey around in the visual music relaxation of it all. Ahhhh...

Click to watch ORO "Impressions" demo