Imagine, design, and build iOS apps!


With ORO Visual Music apps...

we launched a new way to make music on a touchscreen. Now, our ORO Lab program unlocks this technology so anyone can build their own iOS Visual Music apps. Start to finish, from design thinking to App Store submission, students gain real world experience, transforming from app consumers to app creators.

On Oro Labs We...


MAKE:  Sounds and graphics are imagined, created, and coded into an iOS app.

LEARN:  Graphic design. Sound design. UI/UX. Coding. Marketing. And more.

ENGAGE:  Passion for innovation, art, music, and touch screens is our fuel.

COLLABORATE:  Cross disciplinary communication and teamwork makes STEAM work.

START UP: Problem solving, C-level roles, and real world entrepreneurship.


Hackathon: In a few hours, students can create graphics and record sounds, drop them into our Instrument templates, and make content sets to be uploaded onto any iDevice. Timed challenges add competitive excitement!

ORO Launch: This program envisions, builds, launches and markets an ORO app on Apple’s App Store.  We feature deep dives into product design, wireframing, graphic and sound design, testing, and working with json files in Xcode.

Parents are asking us for an ORO Lab Camp in 2018. If you're interested, please sign up now!