ORO Visual Music

ORO is an app that allows anyone to play and create music. Visuals interact with sounds, making ORO an awesome tool for education, innovation and creativity.


You think you don't have a lick of musical talent?  Spend 10 minutes in Oro and you'll be amazed by what you create.

ORO destroys the barriers between you and the creative exploration of music and visual art.  We flattened the learning curves so you'll be grooving on your iOS device in no time.  

But be careful!

ORO's immersion in light and music has a tendency to erode your traditional relationship with time. Bus rides and coffee breaks have been observed dissolving into a fog of creation.    POOF!   Gone! 



The best way to learn how to use ORO is to just dive in.  Open the app, touch the screen and you'll be a creating amazing compositions in seconds!  Here's a primer to get you going:

At this point, jump in and play!  We've eliminated the FAILURE PARADIGM from ORO.  Play another Instrument, and another! You can use six at a time in any ORO.  

The tools:

LOOP: start/stop the loop
TICK: a metronome
RECORD: share your jam

The CLEAR controls:

ALL: clear the whole canvas
LAST: undo your last touch
INST: clear the currently selected instrument

Once you're rocking, you might want to swap out one of your six instruments.  No problem!  Select it on the left and then hit "INST" in the Clear controls. Now you can choose any of the other Instruments. FREEDOM!

We use Everyplay.com as a sharing platform so you can unleash your ORO videos into the world.  Sign up for a free account and you'll be interacting with the ORO community and sharing to Facebook in no time!