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Music Education for Everyone

Inclusive Musical Learning for Underserved Programs

Our innovative programs integrate music curriculum with ORO Visual Music, our iPad app. Students learn and play with the building blocks of music.

Hands on music making with interactive sounds you can see

Immersive curriculum covers pop, jazz, and classical music

Engaged Learning physics of sound, instrument families, pitch, rhythm and harmony

When students engage, they unlock the benefits of making music.

Engagement is the key to learning, creativity, collaboration, and confidence!

Students love Light the Music classes:

We engage:

Students can't wait to make their own music, from beats and melodies to songs

We learn:

Interactive visuals and sounds fuel multi-modal, experiential learning

We create:

Making and sharing music, students learn to collaborate, problem solve, and communicate


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Educators and Parents love it too!

“We are seeing success with ORO! Expanding our students’ knowledge and interest of music is obviously very appealing to us.”  - Kathy Matthews, VP of Educational Outreach, The Faison Center

The ORO app brought a new and fresh perspective to the art and music that my students had been creating all year.  - Katie Bullington, 8th Grade Teacher, Richmond Waldorf School

“My daughter was so excited about ORO music class—when she got home, she filled my brain to overflowing with all that she learned about music!”  - Sally G., mother of an 8th grader

“We value Light the Music's work to provide mentorship to CodeRVA students in the process of mobile app research, design, and development!”  - Michael Bolling, Executive Director, CodeRVA High School

"This is AWESOME! Hey everyone, come listen to this ORO I just made! -6th grader, Faison School