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Tools and support for any teacher to empower collaboration and creativity.

Project-Based Learning (PBL) Modules
Students form bands of 3-5 players each and gather (virtually or in person), to play a collaboration game in which they progress through a series of fun music activities and challenges together.
Professional Development (PD)
Expert coaches deliver personalized workshops and continuous support. Teachers also receive technical training by composing and playing music with peers online.
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Soundtrap Music Studio
Music-making takes place in Soundtrap EDU, a safe website for music educators and students to create and collaborate on compositions using actual and virtual instruments. Licenses sold-separately. Learn more about Soundtrap

How Light the Music works.

Music COMPOSITION, Performance, and Technology

The magic of creating music - for any student, online or in person.

Students create music together online in Soundtrap EDU Studio, where they perform with actual and virtual instruments - and compose and record with digital tools. Players experience the fundamental concepts and vocabulary of music theory, syncopation and tempo, melody and harmony in tonal centers, arrangement, and form. Student musicians learn these concepts by direct application in their creative process and on any instrument.

"I love the layers of depth and sequential learning it provides. You can delve deeper into music theory or keep it broad to accommodate student levels... Watching the creativity of my kids was AWESOME!!!!  I’m not kidding when I said I teared up engaging with them again. Thanks for that, truly!”
Todd Tinsley
Band Director at Hungary Creek Middle School

Project-Based Learning

An inclusive creativity and collaboration game.

Students form bands of 3-5 players, then progress through 30+ activities focused on rhythm, chords, bass, and melody. Along the way, players learn how to give and receive feedback to each other using the Code of KSHH, a framework for kind, specific, helpful and honest critique. The outcome: an original composition arranged and performed by each band. All skill levels, instrumentalists, and vocalists can play.

"Light the Music has 'lit the way' for music education to proceed. Students are able to apply real life music knowledge and understanding to a completely new format. This curriculum is student-centered and values student voice and choice in the creation of music that they connect with and relate to... Light the Music has unleashed creativity in my students that I have not seen before! I am excited to see the long term impact this curriculum has on my band program as a whole. I urge other music educators to join us on this journey."
Brianna Gatch, Band Director

Professional Development

Inspiration, guidance, coaching, and support for every music educator.

Teachers learn, create, and share support with peers, facilitated by Light the Music's expert coaches. Teachers have access to personalized, hands-on workshops online, where they build skills with Soundtrap, learn game facilitation, and practice techniques that empower student collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

“Yes, the Light The Music materials are great! But their coaching and support are the greatest value for me in our program.”
Annamarie Bollino
President, Virginia Music Educators Association
Teaching & Learning Facilitator – Fine & Performing Arts, Stafford County Public Schools

Flexible solutions for diverse classrooms.

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With  flexible activities, Light the Music's program was designed for the complexities of virtual education.
Icon of a calendar with different appointments
For ensembles balancing virtual and physical classrooms, Light the Music scales across locations and schedules.
Icon of a medical mask
Light the Music is a safe and fun alternative for school bands navigating COVID-19 logistics  on campus.

Eight units with 30+ activities.

A young man sings into a microphone
Unit 1
The Players and the Band
The journey begins by forming bands, naming them, and creating stage personas.
A brass band jams on a street corner
Unit 2
The Studio
Bands learn the basics of Soundtrap and collaborate to create a sound collage!
A drummer sits behind a kit
Unit 3
The Rhythm
Players learn about rhythm by building beats with syncopation and variance!
A woman plays an electric bass
Unit 4
Next, the band composes and remixes chord progressions and bass lines.
Close-up of keys on a Wurlitzer electric piano
Unit 5
The MElody
Players compose melodies by remixing familiar tunes and through improvisation.
A tableau of a piano keyboard, guitar, and a digital audio workstation
Unit 6
The song
Bands create an original composition with rhythm, chords, bass, and melody.
Band members gathered on stage
Unit 7
The video
Players create a visual experience to match with their original song!
An audience at a rock concert with raised hands
Unit 8
The Show
In the finale, players and bands step into the spotlight to share their work with each other!

Simple license options.

30-day free trial. Soundtrap EDU licenses sold separately.
$500 / year / educator
  • Access to 10 units with 40+ activities: curriculum and facilitation guides.
$650 / year / educator
    • Access to 10 units with 40+ activities: curriculum and facilitation guides.
    • Access to private educator community for extra support and inspiration.
    $800 / year / educator
    • Access to 10 units with 40+ activities: curriculum and facilitation guides.
    • Access to private educator community for extra support and inspiration.
    • Personalized training and coaching workshops.

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