Frequently Asked Questions.

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Will my students use their instruments/voices?

Our program empowers students to create music with any sounds they can record, including their voices/instruments, MIDI keyboards and drum machines, and even MIDI/music notation.

What software or tools will I need for the lessons?

We provide LMS friendly activities and instructions, with links to templates and resources, using Google Slides, Chrome Music Lab, and Soundtrap.EDU.

What software or tools will my students need to complete the lessons?

Students will need Soundtrap.EDU, a web-based program which works on any device, including Chromebooks. Students should have corded headphones/earbuds, and can also use MIDI/USB keyboards, and microphones.

How can I share the units/game instructions with my students?

Typically, teachers copy/paste the lessons into their LMS for distributing to students. Ask how we can help you with getting set up.

How long is each unit?

Most Units last between 2-6 class sessions, depending on live/remote, and the age and experience level of learners.

Can I use A Unit as AN individual (‘one-off’) activity module, or are they scaffolded?

We think Unit 1 can be an important framework for starting this program. After that, pick and choose. Or better yet, have your students decide! Units include prerequisites and assessments for determining if your students have what they need to proceed.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer three levels of support:
1) Step by step instructions, facilitation guides, and video resources
2) Dedicated email support - you ask, we answer.
3) Live in-person onboarding, training, and check-in sessions

I’m new to music technology. what do I need to know in order to use this program?
And what do my students need to know about music and/or technology to use this?

You and your students can start Unit 1 without any music/tech knowledge. (That's what it's designed for!) Our scaffolded Units, (and our onboarding and support), are built for ANY educator to succeed along each step of the journey.

Can this program work if we have to switch to remote or in-person or hybrid?

This is a great solution for what looks to be another challenging, dynamic year for music education. This program was designed and tested last year to be successful for remote, as well as in person. Through any changes in where/how your classes are meeting, this program can be a connecting life-line of meaningful curricula.

How do I sign up?

Glad you asked! Click here to get started - Steve will meet with you to determine your needs, and you can be up and running in less than 1 week!


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