Engaging virtual music ensembles for grades 7-12.

Project-based learning and expert coaching that empowers educators to deliver online collaborative and creative experiences to music students of all levels.

Project-Based Learning (PBL) Modules
Students form bands of 3-5 players each and gather virtually to play a collaboration game in which they progress through a series of fun music activities and challenges together.
Professional Development (PD)
Expert coaches deliver personalized workshops and continuous support. Teachers also receive technical training by composing and playing music with peers online.
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Soundtrap Music Studio
Music-making takes place in Soundtrap EDU, a safe website for music educators and students to create and collaborate on compositions using actual and virtual instruments. Licenses sold-separately. Learn more about Soundtrap


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Project-Based Learning (PBL) Modules
Personalized modules include virtual game board, facilitation guide, weekly play books, Soundtrap template guides, assessment materials and rubrics. Teachers organize students into ensembles of 3-5 players, paired with a producer, who serves as the team coach. The producer role can be played by student volunteers. Bands collaborate to complete creative challenges at a pace determined by the teacher. Each challenge is a building block that contributes to a final project. Players and producers can be evaluated individually.
Students experience fundamental concepts and vocabulary of music theory: rhythm, bass, chords, and melody, syncopation and tempo, melody and harmony in tonal centers, arrangement, and form. Most significantly, student players learn these concepts by direct application in their creative process and on any instrument they have handy - actual or virtual. For example: students learn about tonality by composing melodies over chords and receiving feedback from peers. Students learn voice leading by sequencing chords and bass lines.
Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) are where 99% of the music in the last 20 years has been created, from hit songs on the radio, to video games, film, and television. As students create music together in Soundtrap, they develop DAW skills that unlock abilities to shape sound and to create any kind of music: from electronic to acoustic, and classical to jazz to modern. By the program's finale, students can compose with digital tools, record acoustic instruments, edit and combine these instruments (real and virtual), and mix sounds into cohesive compositions.
Music provides such a rich environment for compromise and cooperation, and for connection. As students progress through structured units and activities, they create collaboratively within groups. Ensembles reach decisions regarding aesthetics and creative direction, and then execute those decisions. Along the way, players evaluate and discuss their results. Through practice, students learn to give and receive constructive criticism, and to feel safe and supported enough in a group to share and respond to musical ideas and creativity. Light the Music is aligned with 2021 VA SOLs, with focus on 5Cs:
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Professional Development (PD)
Educators learn, create, and share support with peers, facilitated by expert coaches.
Personalized, hands-on, live online workshops: activities build skills with Soundtrap, game facilitation, and techniques for empowering student collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.
Asynchronous creative challenges - teachers will receive technical training by composing and playing music together in Soundtrap.
Access to a private communication channel for ongoing coaching and peer support, inspiration, and on-demand advice.
Expert recommendations for tools and resources to further extend and enhance game experience.


Individual License
$300 / year / educator
  • 30-day free trial
  • Discounts available
  • Soundtrap EDU licenses are sold separately and available through an authorized reseller.
Team License
Contact us for group rates
  • 30-day free trial
  • Discounts available
  • Soundtrap EDU licenses are sold separately and available through an authorized reseller.


"Light the Music has 'lit the way' for music education to proceed in an era of virtual learning. Students are able to apply real life music knowledge and understanding to a completely new format. This curriculum is student-centered and values student voice and choice in the creation of music that they connect with and relate to. The learning that is facilitated by this program sets students up for future ventures in music production, electronic music composition, and music industry. Light the Music has unleashed creativity in my students that I have not seen before! I am excited to see the long term impact this curriculum has on my band program as a whole. I urge other music educators to join us on this journey."
Brianna Gatch, Band Director
“Yes, the Light The Music materials are great! But their coaching and support is the greatest value for me in our program.”
Annamarie Bollino
President, Virginia Music Educators Association
SCPS Teaching & Learning Facilitator – Fine & Performing Arts
"I love the layers of depth and sequential learning it provides. You can delve deeper into music theory or keep it broad to accommodate student levels... Watching the creativity of my kids was AWESOME!!!!  I’m not kidding when I said I teared up engaging with them again. Thanks for that, truly!”
Todd Tinsley
Band Director at Hungary Creek Middle School
“[Light the Music] helps you learn more about music in the most fun way possible!”
7th grade student
Hungary Creek Middle School


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